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Treasures of Bulgaria

Received on: 2 Mar, 2013
Distance: 2,103 km (1,307 miles)
Travel time: 21 days

Yoana, from Ruse, Bulgaria sent me this lovely card of Bulgarian treasures.
Thank you Yoana!

 Some examples of these treasures:

In the middle is a mask of  King Seutus III, the Thracian king who ruled in the fifth century BC. The mask depicts a full face with moustache and beard. It was found in 2004 near the village of Shipka, in the so-called Valley of Thracian Kings.

The rhyton was found near the town of  Panagyurishte in Sredna Gora mountain of central Bulgaria. The whole treasure consisted a phial and eight rhytons, one shaped like an amphora and the others like heads of women or animals. Dated to the turn of the fourth and third century BC, the find was sensational, not only for its weight in gold - over 6 kg, but also for the originality of its forms.

Lion and  Stag 
A lion with gilded mane attacks a stag whose legs are folded under the body is dated to the second half of the fourth century BC and proves the rich artistic life in the northern Thracian lands.

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