tiistai 9. huhtikuuta 2013

H is for Hungary

We spent my 50th birthday in Budapest. This card I sent to my mother. " We have been walking all day long on the banks of Danube. This is a lovely city with beautiful buildings, although the Danube isn't  Blue anymore, but the weather is sunny and warm. "

And I really fell in love to Budapest.

The Parliament was built between 1885 and 1902, at the time the largest parliamentary building in the world. The building has a length of 268 meters and is 118 meters wide. The parliament house contains more than 20 km staircase, and 691 rooms. The elegant dome has a height of 69 meters. The main style of the building is neo-gothic with renaissance influences, but the base ground plan is Baroque. 

 Budapest's Chain Bridge and Castle Hill at night.
The Chain Bridge was the first permanent stone-bridge connecting Pest and Buda, and only the second permanent crossing on the whole length of the river Danube. It is one of the symbolic buildings of Budapest, the most widely known bridge of the Hungarian capital.
The Castle Hill contains Budapest's most important medieval monuments and museums. It is the premier sight in the capital with its great views and so many things to see as The Royal Palace, Matthias Church,  Fisherman's Bastion and lovely little shops and cafees.

We had my birthday celebration here.
Perhaps we had  gulasch or pörkölt, paprikas and palacsinta-pancakes.
Kárpátia Restaurant is one of the oldest Budapest restaurants, a city landmark since 1877. 

 In 1987 Budapest was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for the cultural and architectural significance of the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue.

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