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Ö is for Österreich

Ö is the last letter of Finnish alphabets and it was a little difficult to find any word or  and card starting with Ö, so I  choosed German for the language this time.

Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich - Elisabeth, Empress of Austria
Elisabeth of Austria was the wife of Franz Joseph I, and therefore both Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. She also held the titles of Queen of Bohemia and Croatia, among others. From an early age, she was called Sisi by family and friends. Wikipedia

Sissi,  filmed in 1955
This is one of  my movie star postcards from the 60s.
 Karlheinz Böhm as Franz Joseph I and Romy Schneider as Sissi
 Sissi was the first of a popular series of films showcasing Romy Schneider as the
young Empress Elizabeth.

The young Bavarian princess Elisabeth, who all call Sissi, goes with her mother and older sister Néné to Austria where Néné will be wed to an emperor named Franz Joseph, yet unexpectedly Franz runs into Sissi while out fishing and they fall in love.......

Back to the real world...
Wien, die Hauptstadt von Österreich

From our daughter 12. 8. 2002 

Main attractions of the beautiful city Vienna.

The Hundertwasser House, built in 1985, is an unusual public apartment block, designed by Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. Within the block there are 50 apartments each different from each other. The apartment block is multicoloured; has irregular windows; onion dome cupolas; uneven ceramic line; floors uneven; terraces with over 200 trees and bushes

This is the end of A to Ö April
Thank's for following and cheerful May Day to everyone

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