sunnuntai 19. toukokuuta 2013

Kevään kukkia - Sping Flowers

Received on: 13 Mar, 2013
Distance: 1,603 km (996 miles)
Travel time: 6 days
Heidi from a little town in western Germany sent me this beautiful watercolour  flower paintingt.  She writes that after this dark and dull winter she can't wait to to start outdoor activities in her garden.  I think today her garden is full of flowers blooming.

Turku, Finland 23. 5. 1973 from me to my father

Today some Anemone hepaticas ( Sinivuokko) are still blooming in my garden. It is  among the first flowers to bloom in the spring but now its time for white Anemone nemorosa ( Valkovuokko ).

 Crete, Greece in May 1996, unused
Wild meadow flowers near Ierapetra in Spring.
 ( unused )
Tilos, Greece in May 2011, unused
 Poppy time..
( unused )

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