keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2013

The Brave little Tailor

She must be the queen... 

Received on: 17 Jun, 2013
Distance: 520 km (323 miles)
Travel time: 14 days

Milana from St.Petersburg, Russia sent  this really beautiful card showing illustration from Grimm Brothers' story The Brave Little Tailor  by Andrej Dugin and Olga Dugina.

When a tailor kills seven flies with one swipe of his cloth, he proudly stitches "Seven Killed With One Blow" on his belt. The villagers and the king mistakenly believe the "seven" refers to men, not flies. Fearful for his throne, the king orders the tailor to accomplish several impossible tasks. In the end, however, the tailor overcomes all the obstacles and earns the right to inherit the throne.

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