perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

From Ukraine


Received on: 6 Aug, 2013
Distance: 1,445 km (898 miles)
Travel time: 7 days
My very first postcrossing Beatles  came from Nina, great add for my collection. Thank you Nina!

Received on: 21 Jun, 2013
Distance: 1,891 km (1,175 miles)
Travel time: 14 days
Katya from Kiev sent this card showing the beautiful church of St. Andrew in its old and new look

The church of St. Andrew was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli and built in the mid-18th century.
St. Andrew's Church is regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in Kiev and an important landmark.

Next two weeks I'm on holiday.
You'll soon find out where :)

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