perjantai 3. tammikuuta 2014


 Katya sent me three beautiful cards and the first one is showing  a view from  Kosh-Agachsky region in Altai - wide valley surrounded by mountain ranges.

 The second shows a beautiful street view in Wooden Irkutsk.  I really admire that great carpenter work - magnificent wooden decorations.

And the third one is from the Golden Ring of Russia, an old church with onion domes 

The Golden Ring ( Золото́е кольцо́) is a ring of cities northeast of Moscow. They formerly comprised the region known as Zalesye. These ancient towns, which also played a significant role in the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church, preserve the memory of the most important and significant events in Russian history. The towns have been called "open air museums" and feature unique monuments of Russian architecture of the 12th–18th centuries, including kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals, and churches. These towns are among the most picturesque in Russia and prominently feature Russia's famous onion domes.

30 Dec, 2013 
Asya lives in Siberia and from her I got this card: A bridge over the Ob River. 
 She writes that for a long time it was the only way of communication with the " Big Land" as they called the European part of Russia. 

11 Dec, 2013 
An other bridge across a river came from Liza, she also lives  in Siberia, in the city of Tomsk. There is no information about the river in the card, perhaps it is Ob again or maybe its the tributary Tom, anyway - quite a wide river.

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