keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2016


Aika pitkän tauon jälkeen täällä taas :)
I'm back  after a lengthy break :)

Today we received this cute little hedgehog from our granddaughter.
Greetings from her to all of you!

Also these llamas ( alpacas ? ) are also quite cute.
There might be llamas in China, but it is not their natural habitat. 
The llama is a South American relative of the camel, though the llama does not have a hump. These sturdy creatures are domestic animals used by the peoples of the Andes Mountains.  
Yuki from Beijing wishes a nice day! 

Sciurus vulgaris, Red squirrel from Belarus.
Mila sent this cute squirrel especially for our granddaughter.
Thank you Mila from both of us!

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