maanantai 30. toukokuuta 2016


Inkognito 4301
Folke Kerckhoff "VW-Bus"

This card was sent to me by Desiree in Dordrecht, Netherlands.  I was very happy to get this card since we also had a VW-Bus long time ago when our children were small. We called it "Kompivaari"  after its German name "Kombiwagen" and we made many great trips with it around Finland. 

Kombiwagen going camping :)
Kompivaarin kanssa matkalle.

... away into freedom with Ute in Germany :)
Distance: 1,227 km
Travel time: 15 days

Corrie in Netherlands sent me not one but 3x VW- bus!
Distance: 1,647 km
Travel time: 8 days

I got this cute Hippie Matador from Jessica for my birthday.
 Peace, Love and Happiness my friends!
Distance: 1,529 km
Travel time: 17 days

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