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Martta Wendelin

Martta Wendelin's  art for calendars, postcards, magazines and books.
More about Martta here

Calendar Page for August
Girls picking berries

Summer time and the livin' is easy.... - postcard

Kotiliesi Magazine, June 1938 
My collection

Kotiliesi (meaning Fireside in English) is a Finnish language bimonthly family and women's magazine published in Helsinki, Finland. It is one of the oldest magazines in the country and is the first Finnish magazine addressing housewives. The magazine was established in December 1922 and the original motto was "Home is society's heart."

Book cover 1950
My first Anni Swan book from year 1958
Sara and Sarri is a traditional Cinderella story about poor and orphan Sarri and rich, motherless Sara. Sara and Sarri will be foster sisters and  "All's Well That Ends Well"

Anni Emilia Swan (1875 - 1958) was a Finnish writer. Swan wrote many books for children and young adults, was a journalist for children's magazines and worked as a translator. She is considered the creator of Finnish literature for girls.
Swan's first collection of fairy tales, simply called Satuja ("Fairy Tales"), was published in 1901. Her first book for young adults, which was partly based on her father's recollections, was Tottisalmen perillinen ("The Heir of Tottisalmi"), published in 1917. This book is about an orphan farm-hand, Yrjö, who turns out to be, in reality, an heir to a large fortune. Her other well-known books are Iris rukka ("Poor Iris"), Ollin oppivuodet ("Olli's Apprentenceship") and Sara ja Sarri ("Sara and Sarri"). The courageous and resourceful main characters in Swan's young-adult fiction had been a role-model for many heroes and heroines in later young-adult fiction.

This is my entry for Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday.

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  1. These postcards are exquisite! My goodness--I thoroughly enjoyed your post today. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pieces of art with us. Happy PPF! ((hugs))

  2. Very nice postcards indeed! I've pinned the second image to my Children Who Read board in pinterest:

    Thanks for sharing


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