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Changi, Singapore

Resieved: 29 Nov, 2012
Distance: 9.445 km (5,869 miles)
Travel time: 11 days

Changi is a very idyllic area that's a remnant of old Singapore. There are very few buildings and those that are there are mostly quaint, old and low-rise. Changi roads are narrower than most and are lined with huge angsana and palm trees. The area is not crowded and is mostly populated by those working in the airline companies nearby.

Changi Sailing Club ( CSC )

Established in 1936 by British Royal Engineers. CSC now has sailboats for charter, a pool and chalets, bars and a restaurant an a charming, palmtree-fringed beach by the outdoor deck. Members and visitors enjoy the sights and sound of the sea, a great view of Palau Urbin and some pretty impressive sunsets.

Thank you, Jiahui from Singapore! 

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