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Members of No. 106 Squadron at Syerston, Nottinghamshire in front of Lancaster aircraft flown by Wing Commander Guy Gibson, in 1943

Sent by Tiia on 30 Oct, 2021 from Paimio, Finland

Lewis Clark Cook (1909- 83) photographer for the Portland News in 1927.

Sent by Liz on 7 Nov, 2017 from Portland Oregon, U.S.A.
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Travel Thursday


Home Lines, s/s Homeric

Sent by John on 19 Apr, 2022 from Georgia
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German Castles

Baroque castle in Ahaus. Weastfalen, Germany
Sent by Katrin on 12 Apr, 2016 from Ahaus

Scwanenburg castle (Swan Castle), Kleve, Germany
Sent by Susanne on 13 Nov, 2013 from Rees

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Let the good times roll

Inkognito by Rolf Tiemann, German artist
Sent by Anika on 25 Apr, 2022 from Neuburg an der Donau, Gemany  
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Map Monday Arkhangelsk

 Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Sent by Ann on 9 Sep, 2020, from Arkhangelsk, Russia 
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Sunday Church

150 years old village church in Alt-Marzahn, Berlin

Sent by Sieglind on 8 Jan, 2015 from Berlin
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Movie Nigt

The Graduate
Sent by Shuyi on 9 Jul, 2016 from Evanston, Illinois
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Waterloo Bridge (1940 film)

Sent by Sini on 16 Aug, 2013 from Lahti, Finland
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