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This and That on Tuesday

Images of Provence, Lavender field
Sent by Nadine on 21 Oct, 2014 from Geneva, Switzerland

Dresden, Germany
Sent by Thomas on 8 Oct, 2014 from Dresden

Selborne, United Kingdom
A view of one of Hampshire's prettiest villages seen from the Hangar.
Sent by Hermione on 19 Aug, 2017 from Southampton

The Back Bay
Boston, Massachusetts
The historic brownstone surrounded by modern skyscrapers make Boston an interesting place to live.
Sent by Sandra on 25 May, 2014 from Rochester, Minnesota

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Monday Multiviews

Scotland diversity
Sent by John from Aberdeen 

Mallorca, Spain
Sent by Maaria on 24 Mar, 2000

Narvik, Norway
Narvi is the third-largest municipality in Nordland county, Norway.
Sent by Pauliina on 20 Jul, 1988 from Narvik

Pythagoras Cave, Marathokampos, Samos, Greece
My travels

The Cave of Pythagoras is the place where the famous mathematician and philosopher was hiding when the tyrant of Samos, Polycrates, was chasing after him. It is located on the eastern side of Mount Kerkis, the highest mountain of the Aegean, at a distance of 3 km from Votsalakia beach, and its access is quite difficult.

There are actually two caves, one close to the other. It is said that Pythagoras was living in one of them and used the other cave for teaching. One cave is flatter and therefore more appropriate for a living. It has three rooms but you can visit only the two. It ends in two gorgeous steeps and if you walk a bit more, you will meet a spring from where it is believed that Pythagoras used to drink water.

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Smile on Saturday

Goodnight, Mr. Clutterbuck. Hyvää Yötä Mr Hakkarainen
Children's book by  Mauri Kunnas,  

Mauri Tapio Kunnas ( 1950 -) is a Finnish cartoonist and children's author.

Kunnas is most famous for his numerous children's books, illustrated by himself and featuring anthropomorphic animals. His most famous children's book series is called Koiramäki (Dog Hill), set in historical Finland, featuring anthropomorphic dogs. His other works include Riku, Roope ja Ringo (Ricky, Rocky and Ringo), some "horror" books and books about Joulupukki


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Greetings from Northwest Indiana
Sent by Stephen on 13 Dec, 2022

Poro, Rangifer tarandus tarandus, Reindeer. Photo Hannu Hautala 

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Aerial views

Morgan Bay - Wild Coast - South Africa 
Delightful seaside resort on the Ntshala River lagoon - with rugged cliffs, a magnificent beach and hillside walks over to Double Mouth.

Sent by Julia on 30 Jul, 2014

Cape Peninsula - Cape Town - South Africa
The Cape Peninsula stretches from Table Mountain in the North to the Cape of Good Hope in the South. The Cape Peninsula has thousands of Fauna and Flora species and is truly amazing place to visit.

Sent by Barry on 18 Jun, 2014

Mountain View, California
An aerial view of Castro Street downtown Mountain View. 
Photo Andrew McKinney
Sent by Ryan on 4 Oct, 2020 from Mountain View


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National Parks

National Park, Sonoran Desert
Organ Pipe Cactus, National Monument
Desert in Bloom, Arizona
Sent by Joyce on 15 Nov, 2021 from Phoenix

Arizona, the land of cactus. Photo by Mike Jones
Sent by Dariusz on 17 Jan 2015 from Phoenix

Antelope Canyon, National Park, Arizona, U.S.A
Sent by Dorle on 19 May, 2016 from Detmold, Germany

Arches National Park, Utah, USA
Sent by Pat on 18 Sep, 2016 from Orlando, Florida

Black Bear
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
There are approximately four to six hundred bear residing in the National Park. Their activities can be seen and enjoyed - but be sure to keep distance!
Sent by Carl on 5 Oct, 2018 from North Carolina U.S.A.