torstai 18. heinäkuuta 2019


Illinois. Chicago Theatre

travel time 13 days
distance travelled 6,832 km
sent by Cynthia, Chicago. U.S.A.

The Chicago Theatre (built in 1921) is a breath-taking National Landmark in downtown Chicago hosting hundreds of concerts, comedians, theatrical productions and special events every year. 

keskiviikko 17. heinäkuuta 2019

Sloth and Sheeps

Two-Toed Sloth - Choloepus hoffmanni. Panama.
sent by my son

Sheepson the field from Norway
In the background Ohovde, 
Northern Europe's highest wooded mountain.

travel time 12 days
distance travelled 676 km
sen by Hilde, Norway

Greetings from Lüneburg Heath, Germany
Heidschnucken herd

travel time 6 days
distance travelled 1,270 kms
ent by Lisa, Germany

The Heidschnucke is a group of three types of moorland sheep from northern Germany. Like a number of other types from Scandinavia and Great Britain, they are Northern European short-tailed sheep

tiistai 16. heinäkuuta 2019

Romantic Germany

Heidelberg Romanticism. Palace courtyard in a 19th century depiction.
Direct swap from 

Heidelberg Romantics, poets of the second phase of Romanticism in Germany, who were centred in Heidelberg about 1806. Their leaders were Clemens Brentano, Achim von Arnim, and Joseph von Görres. 

 Detmold -a beautiful city
travel time 5 days
distance travelled 1,424 km
set by Annie, Germany

maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2019

Map Monday and art

travel time 10 days
distance travelled 8,562 km
sent by Carlos; Texas, U.S.A.

Student Art Project, The Princess Elizabeth School for Physically Handicapped Children.
 Port of Spain, Trinidad
Direct swap sent by Roy, Trinidad and Tobago

sunnuntai 14. heinäkuuta 2019


King Mycerinus (Mykerinos, Menakaure) between Goddess Hathor and the Goddess of a Province, Egypt.The statue was found in the valley temple of Mycerinus at Giza. 
travel time 45 days
distance travelled 3,693 km
sent by Rouwaida from Cairo 

Menkaure was an ancient Egyptian king (pharaoh) of the 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdomis , also well known under his Hellenized name Mykerinos.  Menkaure became famous for his tomb, the Pyramid of Menkaure, at Giza and his beautiful statue triads, showing the king together with his wives Rekhetre and Khamerernebty

Reliquary Bust of Saint Mabille. 14th. century, Musee Of Cluny. Paris
travel time 9 days
distance travelled 1,951 km.
sent by Thierry from Paris

Statue of Hittite King Suppiluliuma  II, Hatay
New Hatay Archeology Museum, Turkey
sent by Erdem Deniz from Antalya

Suppiluliuma II was the last known king of the New Kingdom of the Hittite Empire, ruling c. 1207–1178 BC.  The statue was found in 2011 excavation in Tell Tayinat. Dr. Harrison who is head of the excavation said the statue was probably damaged and buried during an Assyrian invasion of Suppiluliuma’s kingdom in 858 B.C. Tell Tayinat, a large low-lying mound, is located 35 kilometres east of Antakya,  along the Antakya-Aleppo road.

lauantai 13. heinäkuuta 2019


Thes card were sent by my cousins on their vacation to Denmark

De Japanske Haver - Japanese Garden,
 Nørre Broby, Denmark
 travel time 6 days
distance travelled 1,047 km
sent by Rita, Taulov

perjantai 12. heinäkuuta 2019

Fairyland Friday

 Alice in Wonderland 1951
Art by David Hall
travel time 15 days
distance travelled 8,027 km
sent by Melanie, Florida, U.S.A.

Disney 1951 
travel time 14 days
distance travelled 8,012 km
sent by Emma, Tayoyan, Taiwan

Disney 1951
travel time 11 days
distance travelled 7,680 km
sent by Reiko, Kyoto, Japan
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