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Sunday Church

Church in Faja de Sao Joao. Sao Jorge Island, an island in the Azores
Sent by Lurdes on 22 Sep, 2013 from Sao Jorge

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Smile on Saturday

Happy summer cows in the meadow

Cow licks its nose. Photo Per Tillmann
Sent by Rene on 7 Sep, 2022 from Chemnitz, Germany 

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New Zealand Kingfisher (Kotare)
Swap with a postcrosser from New Zealand 

Fauna of Belarus
Black-tailed godwit (Limosa limosa)
Sent by Irina on 20 Ock,2015 from Belarus

Taiwan blue magpie ( Urocissa caerulea )
Sent by Yin on 30 Aug, 2017 from Taiwan

Macaw parrot
Madeira, Portugal
Sent by Patricia on 14 Oct, 2022
 From Sintra, Portugal 14 Oct, 2022

Tennessee State bird - Northern Mockingbird 
sent by Carol on 13 Dec, 2022 from Maryville, Tennessee

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Water Life

My Collection 

Sent by Nadine on 8 Oct, 2015  from Switzerland

American Alligator in Everglades National Park, Florida USA
Sent by Huff family on 9 Jun, 2018 from Orlando, Florida

Sent by Emily  on 25 Feb, 2023 from Taiwan   


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Library reading room in British Museum

The Reading Room stands at the heart of the Museum, in the centre of the Great Court. Completed in 1857, it was hailed as one of the great sights of London and became a world-famous centre of learning.

Sent by Ulrike on 18 Sep, 2020 from Eschwege, Germany

Old library of Ottobeuren Benedictine Abbey, Germany
Sent by Petra on 5 Oct, 2015 from Germany


maanantai 29. toukokuuta 2023


View of Yunan
Sent by a postcrossing friend on 4 Nov, 2022 from Shanghai, China 

Xixi Wetland,
Sent by Jane on 25 Aug, 2021 from Xian, China

The Old Town, Lijiang, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yunnan Province, China,
Sent by Karsten on 6 Mar, 2021 from Lübeck, Germany 

Hangzhou street view
Sent by Shiyan on 28 Jul 2018 from Beijing, China

Earth Building of Yongding/Fujian Tulou
The Fujian tulou are Chinese rural dwellings unique to the Hakka in the mountainous areas in southeastern Fujian, China. They were mostly built between the 12th and the 20th centuries.
Sent by gong 88 on 22 Dec, 2022 from China 

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest  (Qiniandian) 
Sent by Anna on 2009 from Russia