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Kiirastorstai - Maundy Thursday - Wielki Czwartek

Wesołych zdrowych i pogodnych Swiat Wielkanocnych
życzy  Barbara
Cieszyn, Poland

Our daughter got this card from her friend Barbara in 1989.
It is hand written and it was a little difficult for us to read and understand Polish at that time - no Google translator - it was quite difficult still now, even with the help of Google. But from the picture we understood it to be an Easter card with Happy Easter wishes.

In Poland they celebrate Easter with the Blessing Basket. They prepare the basket the Saturday before Easter. Inside the basket they place beautifully colored eggs, bread, cake, salt, paper and white colored sausages and with the basket they then go to church to have the basket of food blessed. It is believed that Great Lent which is the forty day fast before Easter is not over until the basket has been blessed hence the reason why it is called Blessing Basket.

All that is contained in the basket is of meaning such as the colored eggs mean the risen Christ, the bread and salt are for good health and a prosperous life, the sausages are supposed to be a wish for enough food and fertility for the coming spring. There is also cheese and marzipan which are another part of the Easter basket.
Życzę Wam miłych, zdrowych i pogodnych Świąt Wielkanocnych!
Toivotan teille hauskaa ja rauhallista pääsiäistä!

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