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Thank you Penny from Queensland, Australia.
31.1. 2013
Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, is part of the World Heritage area which includes
Lake St Clair in the heart of the island. It is Tasmania's best-known national park.
Wineglass Bay
The crystal clear waters and white sandy beach of Wineglass Bay  are a tremendous sight
Wineglass Bay, along with Cradle Mountain, is recognised across the world as one of Tasmania’s iconic destinations.

The Penitentiary, Port Arthur
Tasmania is Australia's island state, famous for wilderness and early Australian Convict history. South Port Arthur was established in the 1830s as a penal settlement and remains a physical chronicle of a dramatic part of Australia's history. Historic Port Arthur, a National Heritage site, has become Tasmania's most popular tourist destination.  Across the water, all that remain are the walls of the colonial penitentiary which housed the convicts of a past era. Much of the penitentiary structure that could be preserved remains on its original site.
Penny lives long way from here in a very small town in Queensland.
 She is lucky to see kangoroos every day!

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