keskiviikko 22. toukokuuta 2013

Trier, Saksa

Received on: 15 Apr, 2013
Distance: 1,726 km (1,072 miles)
Travel time: 4 days
Stephi from Germany sent me this multiview card of Trier.
She wrote that Trier is Germany's oldest city and the center of the wine-growing area on the Moselle; Saar and Ruwer rivers. 

The main attraction in Trier is obviously Rorta Nigra Gate.
The Porta Nigra is a  2nd-century Roman city gate and the oldest defensive structure in Germany, it was erected in about 180 AD.   Trier's market square (Hauptmarkt) looks also very attractive with beautiful old  buildings and painted facades, fruit stands, flowers and fountains.
I would love to visit this beautiful German city and Moselle region.

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