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Cretan gorges, Samaria and Imbros

The Samaria Gorge is the most popular gorge for hiking on Crete island. It’s the longest gorge in Europe and is located in west Crete, in the White Mountains. The Samaria Gorge  is 13 km long and the path starts at an altitude of 1250m at Xiloskalo, at the settlement of Omalos and descends following the steep slope down to the shores of the Libyan sea in Agia Roumeli.  Halfway through the park lies the ruined village of Samaria.

Crete: Imbros - the capital of Cretan revolutionaries in spring 1867.

Lefka Ori in winter

Imbros Gorge, close to Chora Sfakia, is the second most popular gorge on Crete after Samaria.
The scenery is beautiful and the relative easiness of the hike makes it an ideal walk for families with children.

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