lauantai 19. lokakuuta 2013

Russian artists

Sofia from Moscov sent these beautiful and  fabulous postcards.
The artist is Daria Gerasimova, a Russian illustrator of childrens books.
Unfortunately I didn't find any  information about her.
But I really like her art works very much!

 On a spring cock

 Mushroom Hunting

 Going after magic herbs

 On a fairy blue cat

Merry winter fish

They remind me of many Russian and Ukrainian childrens stories
we used to read to our children.
These are two dearest examples from our bookshelf:

E. Bulatova and O. Vasiljeva  
Vaarin kinnas / Mitten / РУКАВИЧКА

Yuri Vasnetsov:
  Rainbow arc. Russian folk songs, tales, 
nursery rhymes

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