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Cards from October

Received on 22 Oct, 2013
And now it's November, I must shape up with my updates :)

 Don from Australia sent this card showing Blue Mountains Crossing Re-enactment, 200th Anniversary of first European Crossing, May 1813 - May 2013. He also told an interesting story  how his great-great grandfather and the family traveled to Iman Valley on the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

When these these guys came back to Holland from a long journey,
 they sure were happy to see Brinta !
Hooray! There is Brinta again!
Linda writes that Brinta is one of the most famous and oldest breakfast in Netherlands.

Renato from Italy must be a real flower person, he sent me this nice ad card of Eurolora.  Euroflora is an international event event held in every five years.  Between the exhibitions with the same typology it is the most visited in Europe. 

Matthias from Germany has five dogs and he thinks he can't take such peaceful picture of his dogs together with a cat. The text in the card says: Two friends have to be similar in their hearts, in all other things they can be completely different.

There are no golden leaves hanging on the trees anymore. 
October means hard work for gardeners, but kids love it!
Eeva from Helsinki sent this cute card, 
it is a fine addition for my Virpi Pekkala collection.

Kukkuu! Tittut! Peek-a-boo!

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