torstai 23. tammikuuta 2014


Anna from Pushkin, Russia writes that we have birthdays on the same day in May.  From her I got  this cat on the watch, drawn by Olga Popova.

Also Felice has the same birthday as Anna and me :) She lives in Chicago, USA and she bought this card from her favourite postcard shop. These cats are painted by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen.

Joseph from Philippines sent this third cat card. The card is made from recycled paper :) and I also like the short, funny aphorism very much.

Sneaky cat, it is obviously up to something!
From Antje, Germany 

Shaili lives in Taipei, Taiwan and with this cute cat card she welcomes us to visit her beautiful country. Thank you Shaili, I hope we can do it someday!!

 Manon from France sent this cute cat from the set "Chat Enchante" by Séverine Pineaux.  Matoomuch, the pretty fashionable cat, has long been familiar to miss Cha...nel. She is really elegant but beware her mood swings...

Peterson and Findus are making pancakes in a very special way and Marion, from Germany, admits that she hasn't tried this method yet.

Shannon from Taiwan sent a cat on my favourite colours. This cat is pleased and contented after reading for a long time. I like the sunny, bright colors of the japanese artist, Makoto Muramatsu. 

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