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 25 Nov, 2013
Ira lives in Kiev and she writes that St. Andrew's Church is the most beautiful church in Kiev.  The church looks truly amazing colored with blue, green and white and with onion domes. I would love to peek inside the church.
St. Andrew's Church is so named because legend says that St. Andrew erected a cross on the location where the church was built. Older churches did not survive, and Russian Empress Elizabeth ordered St. Andrew's Church to be built in the Baroque style in the 18th century.

11 Dec, 2013 
 Ratusha and Rynok Square in  old Lviv
I received this postcard from Maria who lives in Lviv. The card shows an old city view of Rynok (Market) Square. Today the square is still very popular among locals and tourists because it seems to have  special medieval magic.

The Ratusha is home to Lviv’s City Council and one of the city’s cherished symbols.  It’s one Rynok Square's newest buildings–having been completed in 1835–but the first mention of it dates back to 1381. The tower was once wooden and the building has undergone numerous changes throughout history, but it has always hosted Lviv’s government. The Ratusha’s observation deck at the very top of the tower is open year-round and offers one of the best views in Lviv, making it a must-see for any tourist.

11 Dec, 2013
Dnipropetrovsk's Municipal New Year Tree
Zarina can enjoy these magnificent New Year Lights in her hometown - lucky Zarina :) I'm sure those lights bring a lot of happiness and beauty to all the people of Dnipropetrovsk.

The New Year Tree in Dnipropetrovsk is the biggest in Ukraine and one of the largest ones in Europe in the number of lanterns and lights, more than three million of them. There is unique 14 meter hi-tech New Year tree in the center of the town, about 100 other decorated trees.

 31 Dec, 2013 
Yalta by Night

Natasha lives in the  city of Yalta on the coast of the Black Sea.  Her hobby is photography and I bet she has taken many good photos from her beautiful hometown.

And  I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2014
with Maximilian's and Stacy's postcards.

From Maximilian

and from Stacy

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