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Amerikkaan - To America

My great-uncle sent this card from Copenhagen to his wife on his second journey to America in 1923.

In the autumn of 1891 the Finnish Steamship Company started regular traffic between Hanko and Hull. The company also made an agreement with the Companies running the Ocean Liners from England to America. From the beginning of the 20th century most of the emigrants from Finland traveled with the Finnish Steamship company. The journey from Hanko, via Copenhagen to Hull in England 4-5 days

 My great-uncle received this card in 1928 from Hull. His cousin was on the  way to America and everything was "ok" 

 Oberon collided on 12-19-1930 in fog near Laesø in Northern Kattegatt with S/S Arcturus of Finland Steamship Co Ltd., while on passage from Finland via Copenhagen to Hull, and sank in three minutes with loss of 25 crew members and 17 passengers. 36 people were saved by the crew of Arcturus.

These two cards I received from Annet, Netherlands. 

 In England, the Finns arrived in Hull and continued by train to Liverpool, Southampton or Glasgow. They continued their journey with ocean liners to North America, arriving in New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia or Portland. In Canada the arrival ports were Halifax, Quebeck, Montreal and St. John. Totally the journey from Finland to North America usually lasted an average of two weeks.

And this one is from Steffilie, Germany
Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt A.G. was established in 1847 and also called HAPAG, Hamburg-America Line.  HAPAG for the first time, introduced a sandwich to their passengers with meat in it. This inspired later businessmen to sell this (until then) unknown food in the US, creating the 'Hamburger'.

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