keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2014

Terceira, Azorit

Lurdes lives in a beautiful town of Angra do Heroismo in Terceira island  in the archipelago of the Azores. She sent me these beautiful cards. Terceira looks a lot like São Miguel, green, hilly and magical. I have been to the island of São Miguel three times and each time I have been amazed by the beauty of its nature.  I really hope I can  sometimes visit  this fantastic Terceira island also.

Terceira is one of the larger islands of the archipelago. The largest town is Angra do Heroismo. The town is nominated by UNESCO as a  " world-town " worth to be  preserved. The town was on New Years day 1980 struck by a huge earthquake. Many of the beautiful  buildings in the center of the town were destroyed. But many many beautiful buildings are still preserved. You can still see some remaining ruins from the earthquake. There are a very large cathedral, a historic museum, and a bullfighter arena.

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