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Belarusian Art And Crafts

Valiarjana Zholtak. Stil Life "Festive" 1985, Oil on canvas
Thank you Ekaterina 

Master of spinning. 
Braslav museum of Traditional Culture
Thank you Ksenia

Dudutki Pottery
"Dudutki" is  an open air museum in Belarus. The museum was founded in 1993, it’s the only private museum in Belarus. Dudutki is a museum of Belarusian rural culture, which represented many national crafts and productions, such as carpentry, pottery, handicraft-making and baking, straw braiding, blacksmith, working wind mill, milk farm producing cheese, the only legal moonshine distillery in Belarus.
Thank you Lyudmila

Vasil Sharangovich, 
Illustration to the poem of Yakub Kolas " New Land"

Yakub KOLAS was the classic writer of Belarusian and world literature, one of the founders of modern Belarusian literature and literary Belarusian language. A poet, playwright, prose writer, publicist, translator, teacher, public figure.

Thank you Nadine!

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