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Hailuoto, Marjaniemi

Hailuoto, Marjaniemi
Fisherman's village and lighthouse


Hailuoto and Marjaniemi are an important part of the maritime history of the Gulf of Bothnia and the city of Oulu. Even today, the pilot boats are located in Marjaniemi, piloting ships safely to the Oulu harbour. The city of Oulu was established on 1610, but in Hailuoto there was permanent settlement already in the 12th century.

Marjaniemi Lighthouse  is located approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of Oulu. The lighthouse was designed by Axel Hampus Dalström as his fourth lighthouse and it was first lit in 1871.
The tower is brick masonry, and has 110 steps inside with no intermediate floors. Originally the light was equipped with a Fresnel lens system, and it displayed a white light towards a sector clockwise from south to northeast. There were two lighthouse keepers and a master until 1962 when the lighthouse was automated. A pilot station was built next to the tower, currently the pilot station serves as a hotel.

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