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Mstera Lacquer Art

The village of Mstera located on banks of Klyazma river in a beautiful scenic spot some 60 miles(100 km) from the old Russian town of Vladimir. More about Mstera lacquer art here

Russian lacquer boxes originated in Russia in the 17th century, these lacquered boxes are a prime example of Russia’s true talent in painting miniature boxes while capturing the finest level of detail. These boxes are typically made of papier-mâché, using oil or tempera paints, painted with brushes having no more than one rabbit hair, and polished many times. The boxes originate from four primary villages: Palekh, Fedoskino, Kholui, and Mstera. Each village is unique and has its own style which is reflected in the Russian miniature art. Russian lacquer boxes are painted by such artists like Kritov, Zotov, Solodilov and many other famous artists. The Russian boxes are considered the prime Russian gifts and souveniers that are famous world-wide. 

I bought these cards from a flee market in Tallinn, Estonia.

L.G. Zuikov. Playing Ping-Pong. Casket 1971

Yu. M. Vavanov. Penny-Farthing, Casket, 1971

L.A. Fomichev. Battle by the Golden Gates. Box, 1966

L.A. Fomichev. Restoration of the Cathedral of the Assumtion in Vladimir. Casket 1960s

Fedoskino Laquer Art here

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