keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2016

Perfect Summer Bikes

 This beautiful flower bike came from Nely in Holland.
Distance: 1,531 km
Travel time: 8 days

There are more bicycles than residents in The Netherlands and in cities like Amsterdam and The Hague up to 70% of all journeys are made by bike. Perhaps Nelly  has her own omafiets - or "granny style" - bike completed with wicker basket and pedal-back brakes. 

 Ria sent these colorful bikes .  I'll choose the yellow one.
Distance: 1,527 km
Travel time: 8 days

I found these  bikes on our vacation to Rodos island in May. We usually rent a bike because that way it is possible to see much more than just walking,  but the traffic seemed much too dangerous... so I only took photos.

This bike has even some clothes on :)

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