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Unique Architecture

 This postcard showing the crooked door of the Old King's school shop in Canterbury came from Germany sent by Deni.  The shop is possibly the most photographed historic building in Canterbury after the Cathedral.

Distance: 1,740 km
Travel time: 5 days

This super funny postcard showing a huge basket-shaped building was sent to me by Marcy in Ohio.  The building is the Office of Longaberger Company in Newark. I believe it is the largest basket in the world.

Distance: 6,860 km
Travel time: 19 days

Lanyang Museum, Yilan, Taiwan
This huge building looks as it has collapsed into the lake as a result of an earthquake. The building looks like a cuesta emerging from the surface of the lake. Cuesta is the outcome of colliding crustal plates and this sort of special landscape is common in north-east Taiwan. 

Card came from Stella in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan
Distance: 8,197 km
Travel time: 17 days

I think the topsy-turvy building was not designed to be lived in. It was created for a local zoo in Gettorf, Germany.

The card came from Ela in Elmshorn.
Distance: 1,210 km
Travel time: 6 days

We found this upside down house in Furnas village on São Miguel island in the Azores.
The building  is actually an electrical substation!

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