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Amelia from Portugal

Amélia Rey Colaço (1898-1990) was a portuguese actress and theatre director of National Theatre in Portugal. 

Amélia Schmidt Lafourcade Rey Colaço Robles Monteiro (1898—1990)  Considered the most prominent figure in the portuguese theatre of the 20th century, she received very early an education in the Arts - her father, Alexandre Rey Colaço, was a pianist, composer and a tutor of the princes, and her grandmother, Madame Reinhardt, had a literary and musical salon in Berlin.

At the age of 15 She decided to go on the stage, after watching the plays from the austrian director Max Reinhardt. Colaço had her debut in 1917, in the play "Marinela" by Benito Pérez Galdós. 

Throughout her life and career Amélia was cherished by the public receiving several special mentions and her last role was at the age of 87. 

From Joana in Portugal
Distance: 3,398 km
Travel time: 161 days

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