keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2016

The Joy of Cycling

I. K. Inha ( 1865 Virrat –1930, Helsinki) was a Finnish photographer, author, translator, and journalist. Inha is considered to be one of the grand masters of Finnish photography. Sometimes he is even referred to as "the national photographer" of Finland. He is especially known for his documentation of Finnish folk tradition, old habits and customs, and landscapes. In addition to his documentary work he was a significant portrayer of modernisation in the early 20th century.

Inha was an avid cyclist and made many of his trips in Finland and in Europe on a bike. He was also among the first to import bicycles to Finland and even the Finnish word for bicycle (polkupyörä) is often claimed to have been coined by Inha. In this photo Inha's brother drives a big wheel bicycle at Virrat and villagers follow him.
Facebook swap from Sari

A finnish couple going shopping on wheels.
Direct swap from Mari in Helsinki.

That's mine!
Soviet Union Illustrated Monthly, 1954
My old collection

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