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Cheer up and Smile a Little

 Girl with Pussy-Willows, 1886

Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946)  was a Finnish painter. She is most widely known for her realist works and self-portraits, and less well known for her landscapes and still lifes. Throughout her long life, her work changed dramatically.


 Maria Wiik (1853-1928)  was Swedish-speaking upper-class female painter in the era, when women were just becoming professional artists in Finland. She got her early art education in Finland but traveled to study in Paris, initially at the Académie Julian, one of the a private academies which accepted women as students at that time. She painted mostly genre scenes & portraits. Both her portraits & her figurative paintings often focus on youth.

Antti Juhani, the son of the artist.

 Venny Soldan-Brofeldt (1863-1945) was a Finnish late 1800s and early 1900s artist and painter. In addition, she was a jewelry designer, making wood and paper sculpturer and illustrated children's books. Soldan-Brofledtin painting topics were close to home, such as children, the marine and coastal scenery. She was also an active feminist. Soldan-Brofeldt was married to writer Juhani Aho with. She died a little less than 82 years of age.

Finally at least one smiling face
Vinnar's sister and brother by Hugo Simberg 1898
Hugo Simberg (1873-1917) was a Finnish symbolist painter and graphic artist. 

Little gardener, illustration  Priit Pärn, Estonia

Priit Pärn (born 26 August 1946 in Tallinn) is an Estonian cartoonist and animation director whose films have enjoyed success among critics as well as the public at various film festivals.

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