perjantai 14. lokakuuta 2016

Wintry Breeze

Distant Estate

Vladimir Igoshev (1921 – 2000) born at a farm near the village of Igoshevskom Askin, Bashkortostan. In 1940 he graduated from art school in Ufa. 

December,  A Time for Peace & Goodwill

Yvette Moore is Canadian renowned and awarded artist.
Yvette’s Story here

The Yamal Peninsula, Komi-Zyrian people

Tatiana in St Petersburg  picked this cute card from my favorite list.

Also with beautiful stamps
Distance: 538 km
Travel time: 9 days

Komi-Zyrian is spoken by the Komi-Zyrians' ethnic group in Komi Republic and some other parts of Russia.
The Yamal Peninsula  is located in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district of northwest Siberia, Russia. It extends roughly 700 km (435 mi) and is bordered principally by the Kara Sea, Baydaratskaya Bay on the west, and by the Gulf of Ob on the east. In the language of its indigenous inhabitants, the Nenets, "Yamal" means "End of the Land".

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