lauantai 12. marraskuuta 2016

Kαφενεíο - Café

At a Greek Kafenio.

A kafenio typically serves various types of Greek coffee, including Greek coffee and frappé, as well as beer, retsina, and ouzo. Most kafenia provide meze or free snacks and rarely serve full meals. Kafenia were traditionally family-run businesses and furnished simply. The walls are often whitewashed. Kafenia often serve as social centers of the villages and islands where they are located. People socialize after work or play a game of cards. In previous centuries, the kafenio was a place where women were not welcome but now kafenia are frequented by girls and women.

Two different kafenios on the island of Crete
 Traditional rural cafe in the tiny village of Deres.  Sitting here during the late afternoon hours when the sun disappears behind the mountains you can experience real peacefulness.

Bistro 22 in Rethynmnon is a  modern version of a kafeneio.  It is a great place to sit down and have a coffee and some delicious  cake with smooth music - quite relaxing.

This is my entry for Maria's "Postcards for the Weekend" on her "Connections to the World-blog" and the theme for this week is "Coffee/tea/pastries"

4 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful selection of postcards on this theme!

  2. Thanks for posting! I felt I was sitting outside a little kafinea, enjoying some coffee and the glorious sunshine.

  3. Very nice cards and thanks for the information about the importance of kafineos in villages and islands. These cards make me want to go back to Greece!

  4. I've been in Greece twice, and thinking of going there again... When there, the big amount of time spent on cafes is the very best; just looking the life passing by...


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