lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 1957  

Happy New Year 1967

Happy New Year 1977

Happy New Year 1987

Happy New Year 1997

Happy New Year 2007

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2017!

This is my entry for "Postcards for the weekend 18: Time/Clock"

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  1. Interesting to see horseshoes associated with new year. Pretty selection of cards.

  2. Wow, 60 years of postcards! Wonderful addition to Postcards for the Weekend. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I need to google on why horseshoes are associated with new year; curious like Joy! :) I'm so grateful for all the postcards you've shared for the linky and the lovely comments you've left in my page for 2016. I wish to continuously have your participation in 2017! Happy new year!

  4. How nice that you share 60 years of New Year's cards!
    The legged snowman I think intriguing, nice illustration.

    Horseshoes at New Year are new to me, but I suppose they mean to bring luck, too? Here in NL horseshoes are said to bring luck, but we hang them with the 'legs' upwards (like the letter U), otherwise 'the luck will fall/glide out and disappear', via those legs, as they say here.

    To you and your dear ones Happy New Year!

  5. Today I happened to see my Finnish neighbour (I don't see her often as we live on a different floor). I told her about this postcard blog and asked her about the horseshoes. She told me that two small tin (pewter) horseshoes are melted so that they deform and stick together, then they are thrown in ice cold water, and according to the shape they have then, the coming year is predicted. She added (with a smile) that many times the prediction of her new year was that she would become rich, but that finally never did happen.

    1. Also in Spain horseshoes are supposed to bring luck (in general, not especially for the New Year), but I didn't know this Finnish tradition.

      I love to see the different styles of New Year postcards.


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