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Name Day

This card I got from Aunt-Irja on my name day year 1955.

Finns celebrate their name days (Finnish nimipäivä, Swedish namnsdag) according to their given name  on the date given by the calendar published by the University of Helsinki Almanac Office (Almanakkatoimisto). Every day except new Year's Day, Christmas Day and Febryary 29 is a name day. For each day there are names in both Finnish and Swedish.

A card to my brother Jaakko ( Jacob, James ) from our cousin Heikki ( Henry ).

Many traditional beliefs attach to various name days, especially involving the weather and the appropriate times to perform seasonal agricultural tasks such as planting some particular crop. For example there is a saying that "Jaakko (James) casts a cold rock into the water", meaning that on Jaakko's day, the 25th of July, the waters start getting colder, which is not far from true on average.
The seven days from July 18 to 24th, being all women's name days, are known as the women's week. It is popularly believed to be an especially rainy week, and this is to some extent supported by statistics, as late July and early August are the rainiest time of the year in Finland.

On November 25 it is Kaisa's ( Kathy, Kate ) day and it should be mild weather because it forecasts mild winter and good harvest for the next year. It also forecasts beautiful weather until Christmas. On the other hand if it's cold on Kaisa's day it will be raining on Christmas.

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  1. These postcards are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them. They almost look like they were done by the artist who did the postcard I put up this week! Would you mind if I added them to my cyber postcard collection?

    I just LOVE your explanation of Name Day. I'd never heard of this before. Thank you for sharing this knowledge and these beautiful postcards.

    Have a wonderful day and happy PFF!

    1. I'm glad you liked my postcards and of course you may add them to you cyber collection. My mother saved all our birthday, name day and Christmas cards so most likely I'll post them more.

      Thanks a lot for visiting and joining my blog.
      I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

  2. You are welcome! And thank you SO much! I hope you join us each Friday for Postcard Friendship Friday each week, too.

    I would love to see more of these treasures from your dear Mother. I also too wish you a wonderful week ahead.


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