tiistai 12. maaliskuuta 2013


Today it has been snowing the whole day and really A LOT.
It is March and I would love to see some sunny days.
Luckily I have a lot of sunny postcards,
today they come from Bulgaria.

 Golden Sands Bulgaria

From my mother 10.9. 1993

From our friend Anneli 20.6. 1985

Golden Sands is famous with its nice golden sand and long beaches. The Black Sea beaches are covered with crystal clear sands. Because of its natural beauty, Bulgarian Black Sea coast has become famous international resort area. The resort's beach strip is 3,5 km. long and up to 100 m wide. The average air temperature in Summer is 27-30 degrees and the water temperature is 25-28 degrees.

Albena, Bulgaria

To my mother 20.7. 1979 from her friends Raija, baby and Siiri
Albena is a Blue Flag winning resort, located in a picturesque and ecologically clean gulf on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, famous for its flower gardens, close to Varna international airport (30 km). Temperate continental climate, vast sand beach, clean sea without any dangerous animals - your guarantee of wonderful conditions for seaside holidays from May through October.

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