keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2013

I is for island

Two little islands from Greece.

Telendos, Dodecanese, Creece
Telendos is a sweet little island a stone's throw from Kalymnos, just 900 meters away. A small, barren, rocky island with marvelous sea, no cars and just 50 inhabitants.

Agioi Thodorou, Crete, Greece
Agioi Thodorou (Saints Theodore ) is the name of the small island opposite Platanias in Crete, more or less in the middle of the bay. It reminds a huge turtle with it mouth open as if it’s about to attack or bite something. 
The Thodorou Islands once guarded Crete from her enemies, but now they protect the Cretan Ibex  from its own enemies, the hunters who would love to add the famous Kri- Kri, the wild goat of Crete, to their trophies.

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