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L is for Lago di Garda

In year 2003 I spent one week in Italy with twenty lively teenagers.
We made our school trip to Northern Italy: Milan, Monza, Lago di Garda, Verona and Venice.
Luckily I wasn't the only adult watching after them, there were three other adults with me.

And surprisingly everything went super fine!

Lake Garda is Italy's largest and most visited lake. The lake is 51km long but only 17km wide at its widest point in the south. The distance around the lake is 158km. Picturesque villages, medieval castles, and lakeside promenades dot the shoreline. The lake has a diverse landscape with beaches along the southern shores and rocky cliffs above the northern shoreline. Lake Garda is known for its clear water, great for swimming in summer. Windsurfing, sailing, and hiking in the lake's many parks are popular activities.

View of Sirmione 
Sirmione, a town favored by artists and poets, has a medieval center dominated by a large medieval castle. The town is known for its thermal bath resorts.

Malcesine and Monte Baldo

Malcesine has a historic center with tiny streets, a small harbor, and a medieval castle. From Malcesine, the cable car goes to Monte Baldo, known as the Garden of Europe, where there are botanical gardens, hiking paths, and specatucular views.
17.5. 2003

Tomorrow to Milan and Monza.

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