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N is for Norway

10.7. 89.
"Greetings from the northernmost post office of Europe. The sceneries are really amazing! "

Nordkapp is a 307 m (1007 ft) high cliff rising above the Arctic Ocean. Nordkapp is promoted as the northenmost point of Europe, this is however not true. The neighbouring point Knivskjellodden is actually 1,457 m (4780 ft) further north
  Nordkapp - The North Cape, the North Cape Horn has always been a well-known an important point of orientation for all boats and ships. The rock has had a great variety of names and it was only in the mid 16th century that it was given the present name.

View from Salen,  Habor, Hurtigruta dock
Hammerfest – the world’s northernmost town – is one of the most important travel destinations in Northern Norway. 

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