tiistai 16. huhtikuuta 2013

O is for Ohio

In 2009 our son was working in Columbus, Ohio and we had the opportunity to go there on our winter holiday in February. It was really lovely to see the whole family and to  explore Columbus and Ohio our son as a guide.

Ohio is a state in the Midwestern United States. Ohio is the 34th most extensive, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States. The state's capital and the largest city is Columbus.
O - Cardinal - State Bird
H - Nelson and Kenned State Park
I - Marblehead Lighthouse
O - Sunset, Lake Erie

Ohio Buckeye Candy is a tradition in the state. The official tree of the state is the Buckeye Tree and the candy as formed to resemble it's "nut". Buckeye candy is popular for tailgating, holiday parties and other festive occasions. ( recipe up ) 

 The state's original settlers found this unfamiliar tree in the forest, and adopted it as a symbol of Ohio heritage. These pioneers carved the soft buckeye wood into troughs, platters and even cradles. Today, buckeye trees are prominent in the Ohio River Valley.
The nuts of the tree, which are actually mildly toxic, were given their name because of their resemblance to the eyes of white-tailed deer. Folk wisdom says that carrying a buckeye nut in your pocket brings good luck.

Columbus Skyline

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