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P is for Poland

In 1986 I made a trip to Poland with our daughter. These are some cards from our trip.

 St Nicholas' Church is the oldest church in Gdansk built in late 12th century. Between 1348 and 1390 a cloister was added. This is the only church in Gdansk which wasn't damaged during the last World War.  

The Royal Chapel - Kaplica Królewska
is the only Baroque church in old Gdańsk built between 1678 and 1681.  
King Jan III Sobieski wasthe founder of the chapel.

"Hi! We are now in Gdansk. The boat trip went fine.
Ps. Greetings to Kuutti, Jymy and Julle"
( Kuutti was our samoyed and Jymy and Julle our guinea pigs :)

Palace and garden in Wilanów:
Road by the Lake, View of the Castle, The Tower of Palace
The Paroque Garden,  Sundial on the wall of the Palace
Wilanów Palace is a royal palace located in the Wilanów district, Warsaw. Wilanów Palace survived the time of Poland's partitions and both World Wars and has preserved its authentic historical qualities,  also is one of the most important monuments of  Polish culture.

The Tatra Mountains, Tatras or Tatra, are a mountain range which forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland, and are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains.
More here.
" Hi! We are on our way home now. It has been very hot about 35 degrees but the mountains were amazing. "

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