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Enni Id - ITE-taiteilija

The small home of Enni Id (1900-1992), a naivistic artist of Padasjoki, is a total work of art rich in colour. It is painted from floor to ceiling with the artist's favourite themes: floral and plant ornaments and cats. Oil paintings by Enni Id also took as their themes angels, devils and the peasant uprising known as the War of the Clubs. The general public came to know her works through a showing of naivistic art at Kunsthalle Helsinki in 1973. 

Enni always had a passion for sketching and painting, but during the time she lived in marriage with her husband, this desire could not be realised. However, when in 1966 she became a widow, she took the opportunity to follow her passion, and she started painting.
This became kind of an outburst.

Enni Id's house has been legated to the community and it is nowadays is being cared for by the local village action association. The house is open for the public during summer time 

ITE- taiteilija Enni Idin tarina löytyy täältä .

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5 kommenttia:

  1. What beautiful artwork. It is quite unique! I had never heard of this intriguing artist before--I am inspired.

    Have a beautiful day and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  2. Her art is fun. I would like to have an accent wall painted like that, but all those clashing colours and the patterns on everything would make my eyes water! I like the postcards - they are smaller and easier to olok at :)

  3. What an amazing talent that lay hidden all those years. The postcards are wonderful!

  4. I would want that framed red and white flower artwork for my own room. I would feel being inside a fairy tale if I live in a painted room like this.


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