perjantai 7. kesäkuuta 2013

Love Letter

This weeks theme in Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday is romance.
This young maid is sitting alone in forest and reading a letter from her loved one.
She doesn't  look very happy, or what do you think?
Amélie Helga Lundahl (1850-1914)
Love letter 1890

Amelie Helga Lundahl was born May 26th, 1850 in Oulu, Finland.  She attended art school in Stockholm and Helsinki and was one of the first Finnish women to study at the Académie Julien in Paris. After spending time in Bretagne in the 1870s, she had acquired a taste for the outdoors. She settled in Bretagne later and painted peasant themes.
Amelie died in Helsinki on August 20, 1914.

4 kommenttia:

  1. She looks mysteriously happy, I think. I'd love to snoop and find out what her dear one had written there! What a gorgeous postcard!

    Have a lovely day, and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  2. I don't think she's unhappy. Just pensive ;-)

    Although like Beth, I'm curious what the letter contains and I would love to find out, too!

  3. Great to see a blog post featuring work by a woman artist! Happy PFF!

  4. Hello Caijsa,

    Wow this is such a piece of art, thanks for the discover. Once again, another talented female artist, I never heard about. She could have been Berthe Morizet roomates, they both had this special "romantic" touch in theirs paintings.

    Well, the model has a undefine expression and it's good, everyone can see what he wants. I see a little doubt in the mouth, but...Who knows.

    Have a great sunday



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