maanantai 12. elokuuta 2013

Palm Beach and Key West, Florida

 Florida palms silhouetted in a brilliant colored sunset 

In 1993 we got a card from Palm Beach, Florida. Our son's friend Antti was on a vacation in USA with his family. He writes shortly: Here is at least 35 degrees and  we're doing well. G. A. Th.

Key West, Art Deco houses and lighthouse

Earlier in the same year my sister- in- law and her boyfriend made a trip to Fort Lauderdale. From there they drove to Key West. She sent us this card full of small text. Here is a a shorter version:  Here we are on the other side of Atlantic Ocean. The flight took 11 hours but it went surprisingly well. Yesterday we visited Key West and tomorrow we  will go to Cape Kennedy. The weather has been a little bad but it doesn't matter there is so much to see.
Greetings M. and T.

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