perjantai 13. maaliskuuta 2015

Children from Russia

 September the 1st. 1954
From Alex, Kirovsk, Russia
From Russia With Love!
Sveta, near Pyatigorsk, Russia
Small Liala Petrova in a Russian folk masquerade costume, Tashkent, 1910
Liala was also wearing a kokoshnik which is a traditional Russian headdress for women and girls.
From Sergey, Tyumen, Western Siberia
Happy New Year! 
Artist Elizabeth Merkuryevna Boehm  (1843-1914)
From Nicolai, St. Petersburg, Russia
E.Bem The ABC-book, letter K of Russian alphabet
From Katherina, Moscow
Elisabeth Boehm or Böhm or Elisaveta Merkuryevna Bem was a Russian painter, the most successful prominent author of postcards in 19th century Russia.  She created more than 350 postcard and she had a recognisable style of the postcards that depicts children faces and silhouettes.

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