maanantai 27. huhtikuuta 2015

Memories of past life

Alikartano-Mäntsälä, Kimmo Pälikkö, 1998

Independence Day, Kimmo Pälikkö, 1987

 Laundry day in winter,  Kimmo Pälikkö, 1988

Kimmo Pälikkö (1938) was born in Helsinki. He studied in Helsinki at an evening college and at the Free Art School, as well as at the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki.
He participated in his first joint exhibition at the age of 11 (water-colours and ceramics). He has painted Helsinki scenes ever since 1965. Pälikkö has arranged exhibitions under the theme "Vanishing City" since 1970. He held a portrait exhibition in 1977.

By 2011, over 1400 postcard motifs of his paintings have been produced and over 86 million postcards of his works have been printed.

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