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Cats in art

Max Raffler  (1902 - 1988 ) Cats

Max Raffler was a German visual artist. His work has been shown widely and published in a number of books in Germany, and he remains one of that country’s most well known naive painters.  His subjects were often images of the rural countryside, and religious pictures that were encouraged by a local priest and shown in the church. Other images include self-portraits and paintings of cats, as well as illustrations of children’s stories.

 Julius Adam (1852-1914)  Kitten Carriage, 

Cat painting was very popular during the 19th century. I think Julius liked cats and was quite talented capturing them in action. 

Martin Leman  ( 1934) " Her Mistress Voice " 

  Martin Leman has been best known for his exquisite paintings of cats. He is one of the most popular contemporary British artists. Leman has been described as 'the most sophisticated of 'naïve' British artists, but unlike many so-called naïve or primitive painters, he had a thorough artistic training.

Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen  "Le Chat Noir" ("The Black Cat")

"Le Chat Noir" ("The Black Cat") was a Parisian, bohemian night club in the late 1800s. Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen painted this poster as an advertisement for Le Chat Noir.

" Kitten on the Head" by Graciela Rodo Boulanger  (born 1935 in La Paz)

Graciela Rodo is a Bolivian painter. She is noted for her artworks featuring stylized renderings of children.

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