keskiviikko 28. kesäkuuta 2017


 Copenhagen Amager Square, shopping street

 Amager Square, today part of the Strøget pedestrian zone, is often described as the most central square in central Copenhagen. It is also one of the oldest, taking its name from the Amager farmers who in the Middle Ages came into town to sell their produce at the site.

Sent by Elysaveta in Kiev, Ukraine

 North Zealand - Danish Riviera by Martin Schwartz

Martin Schwartz (born in 1974) is a contemporary Danish illustrator and graphic designer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. His series of city prints pay tribute to the variety of buildings that can be found in every city. 

Sent by Thomas in Copenhagen

The Royal Family, Denmark

 Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik,  Crown Prince Frederik and crown Princess Mary.

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