tiistai 30. elokuuta 2016


Rudi Hurzlmeier -  Im Waldcafe, In Forest Cafe, Inkognito 34778 

Sent by Maria in Mannheim, Germany
Distance: 1,681 km
Travel time: 7 days

Inkognito sells greeting cards, post cards, prints, and a variety of other fun things incorporating anthropomorphic animals and silly scenarios. A large number of artists design for the company, with each infusing a similar air of playfulness into their unique styles.

Finland’s best known contemporary artist, Kaj Stenvall is also inkognito-artist.
Myönnän, että olen tehnyt jotain - I admit that I have done something, 1991,
 Inkognito 9961

Valo puhuu - The light speaks, 1998, Inkognito 9940

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