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Glimpses of the past

Kauhajoki, Hämes-Havunen

The architecture of the buildings of Hämes-Havunen represent the traditional building culture in the Ostrobothnia, Finland - red and two-storey building with closed yard.


The city center has changed but it still reflects traditions in many ways. you can feel it when walking down the narrow  streets between well preserved wooden houses,

Heinola, Finaland

 Harju pavilion

Built in 1900, Harju pavilion is an eastern-influenced Art Nouveau building of cultural and historical value, and an absolute must for visitors to Heinola. Harju pavilion is located near the centre of the town, in Harjupuisto Park, within walking distance of the marketplace.


Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum

In 1827 the Great Fire of Turku caused massive destruction, but Luostarinmäki was spared from the flames. Nowadays the old quarter and artisans of Luostarinmäki form a unique atmosphere, where time stands still. At the museum, journey in time to life of the common folk from the 1800.

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