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Cities from Poland

 Wrocław - City Hall

The capital of Lower Silesia has a huge Old Town built on several islands connected by over 100 bridges. Apart from its unique location, Wroclaw amazes with its volume of Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture. Wroclaw's extremely complicated history, combining the cultural influences of Germany, Bohemia, Austria and Poland, has left its mark on the atmosphere of the city.

From  Asia, Zielona Gora 

Warsaw, Castle Square. Marcin Kotarski art.

From Klaudia. Warsaw

 strów Tumski  ("Cathedral Island") is an island between two branches of the river Warta in the city of Poznań.. Poznań Cathedral and other ecclesiastical buildings occupy the central part of the island. Ostrów Tumski is part of the city's former Nowe Miasto ("New Town") district, although it is actually the oldest part of the city, where the rulers of the early Polish state in the 10th century had one of their palace

From Kniga, Poznan

St Peter And Paul Church and Krakow guide :) Photo Piotr Galus

From my sister and family

The Fortress and Old Town.

Kłodzko is a town in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. Located in the southern Kłodzko Valley, the town is renown for its large former military fortress, its number of ornate monuments, and its historical medieval stone bridge, which has given the town its nickname, "Little Prague." The population of Kłodzko is nearly 28,000.

From Dorota, Lublin

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